• 206 S Hays St, Bel Air, MD 21014

We are open during COVID-19, Dr Benalcazar is seeing patients in the office as well as through Telemedicine. Our physical therapy clinic remains open as well.

Once your physician has recommended a consultation with a neurosurgeon, you may be thinking about how scary the prospect of possible surgery really is. Although surgery is often the definitive treatment that finally cures a problem that has been plaguing a patient for years, the combination of Physical Therapy and Interventional Pain Management along with neurosurgical expertise in the same practice make sure that surgery is recommended for you only after these conservative measures have failed. Dr. Benalcazar, a board certified fellow of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons and a fellow of the American College of surgeons uses the latest and highest level of technology including intraoperative computerized image guided stereo navigation and real-time tomography via Medtronic O-arm technology for spinal procedures as well as Stealth station Stereotactic imaging for intracranial procedures in order to minimize the surgical intervention and maximize safety and outcomes. Dr. Benalcazar is a nationally known expert on low back pain mediated by Sacroiliac joint dysfunction giving conferences and teaching other orthopedic and neurosurgeons various spinal surgical techniques.

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